Helping Teens Understand Weight Loss And The Importance Of A Healthy Body Image

Many teens have difficulty developing healthy attitudes towards their bodies. When an adolescent looks at himself or herself in the mirror,the image they see in front of them is usually not their definition of beauty. Instead of being content withtheir shape and size or wanting to lose extra weight for good reasons,such as to improve their health and wellbeing,some teenagers will resort to dangerous weight loss methods in an attempt to combat the ugliness they see and feel.

If you are unhappy with your physical self,it is imperative that you realize that the only time you should be concerned with your body is when it is unhealthy. You need to see that being overweight or obese is not a matter of being ugly it is simply harmful to your health.Asateen, you have the power to open your mind and explore thereasons for weight gain,as well as thereal benefits and dangers of losing weight.

What should you know?

Not all causes of weight can be controlled. Although certain factors such as the type and quantity of food one eats and a lack of exercise contributes to extra pounds,other reasons,including puberty and genetics,cannot be helped. As the body changes and matures from childhood to adulthood, girls and boys will typically experience both height and weight gain. Though boys usually have muscle gain,girls tend to have an increase in body fat. These sudden changesmay make you feel overweight,even if in reality this isn’t true.

Find out if you are overweight. You can determine whether or not you areunderweight,a normal weight,overweight or obese with a formula known as body mass index (BMI). This formula is able to estimate the amount of body fat a person has based on their height and weight. However,guys and girls under the age of twenty need to use a special BMI calculator that has percentile lines to figure out their weight. This is because puberty makes determining results a little complicated. Basically,it’s broken down as follows:

  • 50th percentile = average weight

  • 85th â 95th percentile = overweight

  • Above 95th percentile = obese

  • Less than 5th percentile = underweight

Losing pounds to reach your ideal healthy weight.Carrying around excess weight can make you feel sluggish and increases your risk for a number of health problems,such as heart disease,diabetes,high blood pressure,etc.If you discover you are obese or overweight,there are ways you can improve your diet and incorporate physical activity in your life to help you shed the pounds. However,you should first talk to your health care practitioner to find out what is the best and safest route for you. By slowly getting yourself in shape and working towards your recommended body weight you’ll discover you’ll have more energy and you’ll feel physically and mentally better.

Being underweight isn’t pretty. Losing too much weight can do bad things to your body and mind.Your body will lack nutrients which can weaken your immune system. You can suffer dizzy spells,depression and many other mental and physical health problems.

You need to understand that the only ideal body is a healthy body and when you focus more on your health and less on your looks, you will begin to see yourselfin a whole new positive way. Don’t hate the figure you’ve inherited â celebrate it!

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