The Facts About Why Private Defense Attorneys Are Better Than Public Defenders

When you’re facing criminal charges,the last thing on your mind could be whether to hire a public defender or private criminal lawyer . However,the decision you make here could significantly influence the outcome of your case. In fact,it could mean the difference between going to jail or being a free man or woman.

There are various advantages to hiring a public defender. One of these advantages is the fact that they are free and therefore can be appointed to people who do not have the necessary finances to invest in a private defense attorney. They are also familiar with a variety of criminal cases and have the necessary experience from working on them. They also work with prosecutors on a routine basis which allows them to have a better relationship with prosecutors and ultimately help get plea agreements through.

In the same breath,hiring a public defender does have its disadvantages. For one,public defenders are employed by the government and paid less than private attorneys. They also tend to have large workloads since they represent so many people who cannot afford private attorneys. This makes the job harder since they are inundated with cases to work on and therefore do not spend as much time on each case as they should. It’s also much easier for them to make mistakes since they are not adequately prepared when they appear in court.

Perhaps one of the only disadvantages of hiring a private lawyer is that you have to pay for his or her services. However,when you look at the advantages of hiring a private defense attorney,they far outweigh what you have to pay for their services. Here are some reasons Why Private Defense Attorneys Are Better Than Public Defenders.

Private felony have far fewer cases to work on than public defenders do. This means they can dedicate more time to your case and since you’re paying for their services,they can invest in more resources such as private labs,expert witnesses and private investigators,all of which ultimately help to win your case.

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